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Author Topic: The camera body that guarantees No upgrade for at least 5 years  (Read 4546 times)

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Re: The camera body that guarantees No upgrade for at least 5 years
« Reply #40 on: November 19, 2011, 07:24:26 AM »

This is my main concern. Flash is really important for me in wedding. I don't know if High ISO capability can do the job since the fastest glass they have is 2.8. Maybe as 2nd or 3rd body.

But I'd like to try though... been eyeing for mirror-less camera for months now. IMHO, Sony has the edge in terms of ISO performance and color rendering. I'm trying to convince myself for Panasonic or Oly but I don't know... I still don't get their technology for using a smaller sensor.

Do we have Sony center where we can buy all NEX accessories ? Like EVF... adapter... etc... ?

Wow... that camera serves you well. Glad to hear that it's still alive and clicking.

I wonder if mirror-less camera today will last that long or for heavy use at least.


   I don't think they are built badly. But neither are they 1D or D1 or D3 class either. Barring a bad drop or spilling water over them, I think they should last. As you may well know, it's the shutter that usually breaks in dslrs that is a stopper. OF course, there was a time when the Nikon d70 was so bad it died even out of the box!

   Yes, the question of whether the EVF will hold is unanswered. But if the LCD is any indication, it should. Even having dead or stuck pixels are a rarity in these days. So, unless you are that less than 1% that might have one, then I don't think that will be an issue either. A bad  batch might have it, but that is not often too.

  At this stage of the game, my advice is not to sell your DSLR to switch 100%. MILCs are not yet prime time yet. For about 70-80% types of photography - yes. But for the rest like action/sports, it is still much wanting. And of course, the lenses and other stuff needs to step up too. That will take about 3-5 years.

  But to compliment the DSLR, it will do well. Or for general photography, the DSLR can be scrapped in many situations.

  Where to get accessories for Sony NEX? I suppose in the Sony stores. They have been pretty quick about the 5n and have them now. Used to be it took months to get it here.
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Re: The camera body that guarantees No upgrade for at least 5 years
« Reply #40 on: November 19, 2011, 07:24:26 AM »


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