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Basic Equipment To Start Off...

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hi pipho masters!

i am not really sure if it has a topic already with this kind. i've searched but can't find one.

i am planning to buy my dslr for me to have an extra income by shooting some small gatherings or affairs, like birthday party, baptismal, office events, home service family portrait, etc. but not wedding or other big events, for the meantime.

may i ask what are the basic photo gadgets that i would be needing? i am planning to buy the nikon d90, speedlight sb-600, its battery grip and planning to make portable backdrop stand and buy some muslin backdrops. i already have my core 2 duo desktop for some photo editing things.

thank you in advance!

The kit lens of the D90 is perfect for small gatherings, you basically all have the focal length that you need, from wide to telephoto. What you need to buy right now are extra pair of batteries for the flash and the camera, plus a fast charger for your AA's. You need not buy expensive lenses unless you have the dough of course coz' really the 18-105mm works perfectly well not to mention it's got VR.
Hope this helps....Happy shooting ;)

ok na yan...
dagdagan mo pa ng SD cards...
For me I dont use Battery grip sa D90, it just adds up sa weight. I just swap batteries. Another thing D90 battery is goof for 800 shots. Never pa akong naubusan ng battery kahit sa photobooth.

If you're doing professional work (meaning, now you're charging for your service), then you need back up equipment.

The best is the same level camera body, but if you can't afford the same dslr, then even a better end point-and-shoot will do. I remember one fashion photographer who also does weddings. He had an assignment to cover the wedding of a big movie star. His DSLR malfunctioned, and what saved the day for him was his point-and-shoot camera.

Same with lighting equipment and memory cards.

ako i start up using d40 po kitlens and isang prime po :)


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