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Author Topic: Stranded on the Rock (Corregidor Island)  (Read 1065 times)

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Stranded on the Rock (Corregidor Island)
« on: March 13, 2010, 03:58:07 PM »

Corregidor Island
stranded on the rock
April & June 2009

Me and my wife joined the day tour of Corregidor Island to scout the place as a possible pre-wedding photo location. Sun cruises has leased the whole island from the government and runs all the facilities and tours on the island.

The day tour starts early around 730am with a short half hour boat ride from manila bay to the island. A guided bus tour with stops and shows in various locations such as the Malinta Tunnel starts immediately after docking. Lunch is a simple eat-all-you-can buffet that is included in the tour. The tour continues then around 230pm, the boat sails back to manila.

Boat Ride

tram for the tour

Happy with what we saw (authentic old ruins and little people) we pushed through with our pre wedding photo shoot plans. Instead of a day tour, we booked an overnight stay for our wonderful photogs (Mangored) and ourselves. Our makeup artist (Marge Apacible) took the same day boat trip off the island. The day went well and we were able to shoot successfully in various parts of the island and even in the tunnel. We booked a night tour for all of us where we were taken inside the smaller tunnels where thousands of Filipinos, Americans and Japanese died. With only our flashlights for illumination, we walked in the caves and tunnels with controlled fear (you got to keep it in, guys do that, hehe). My initial photos had a misty halo effect that made my stomach turn, but i soon found out that it was from the moisture on the lens (whew!).  War stories of pain and death and some scary antics by our fun-loving tour guide added to the frightening feeling as well.

The Frightening Halo!

shot by Mangored (that's me with my wife!)

We had a good night sleep, feeling very successful, only to be greeted by strong winds the next morning! What we failed to compute was the chance of getting stranded! Super slow internet (borrowed only from the office) and no means of transport, we were practically stuck on the rock for two extra nights.

We had an extra photo session and just relaxed and talked with the people there, happy to have brought with us the extra wardrobe for the shoot. Our photogs went on a treasure hunt led by Randal, their leader (in both photography and treasure hunting :p).

Sun cruises did not charge for the extra nights and gave 10% off the food rates.
Although it was frustrating to be stuck with nothing to do, looking back, what happened was quite relaxing. At least we were ready to spend the night, the staff there tell me of people who planned a day trip, only to get stuck for an extra night (giving foreign tourists flight schedule problems, etc)!

After two nights, the typhoon cleared and the coast guard gave the go signal. Our photogs took the bangka (small boat) to Bataan in the morning as they had a flight to Boracay that afternoon. We joined the day tour, together with another couple and their photogs, and took the boat ride back home.

being stranded, we were able to taste most of what was on the menu

What an experience... I learned to be more patient and also the value of just relaxing, the real relaxing with really nothing to do or think about. You just cant fight mother nature and i felt mature not to have risked an unauthorized bangka (small boat) ride and just waited it out. 

Add to all of this is our crazy parking fee when we got back!

for more photos of Corregidor Island click here
Snapshots and Stories at blogspot | Snapshots and Stories at tumblr | flickr jovijovijovi
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Stranded on the Rock (Corregidor Island)
« on: March 13, 2010, 03:58:07 PM »


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