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Author Topic: Initial Impressions - The Olympus ZD 70-300mm Lens  (Read 1929 times)

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Initial Impressions - The Olympus ZD 70-300mm Lens
« on: January 24, 2008, 07:40:12 PM »
I was so eager to hold this lens for some time now. Placed my order last November, and finally now that it's here, I wanna share my initial impressions. I am not a guru in reviews but what I can do is just give an layman's impression and observations.

Ok here are the actual pics of the images. (I was so frustrated then, since I can't find a single picture on the internet of the lens attached to the body WITH HOOD.
So allow me to give you the honor in posting these pics.

70-300 mounted on an E-510

And now, mounted on an E-1

Weighing 615 grams, it's a tad lighter than the 50-200 and heavier than the 40-150. But at 600 grams, you won't get tired carrying this baby the whole day specially if mounted on an E-510. On the E-1, it stil doesn't appear too heavy as compared to the ZD 50-200 (w/collar) at 1.2 kilos.

Build quality is suprisingly fabulous. It is categorized at the 'Standard' line of lenses in the ZD line, but the feel is totally High-Grade quality. The only thing that limits it as a non-highgrade probably is the - lack of wheater sealing. You will also notice the lack of "Paint-splattered" finish found on the 14-54, 50mm, and 50-200. It is also of course, made of hard plastic versus magnesium-aloy found on th high grades. But without those high-grade characteristics, I found the zoom ring very pleasing to rotate unlike that of the ZD 50-200 which is very stiff. It is also not as soft as the 40-150 (which zooms by itself if you point it downwards). So overall for the feel, it's definitely very very pleasing. O nga pala, the focus ring is still controlled using 'focus-by-wire' method, unlike that of the 12-60mm. What's also missing is the Focusing Scale or Meter (kung ano man tawag nun), so that you can see the focal distance.

What's added now, is the AF-MF switch located at the left side. It is useful only on the E-510/E-3 since you don't need to adjust the settings deep in the menu in order to change the S/M/C mode. But on the E-1, I'd rather use the hardware switch on the body and besides it just confuses the E-1 if you switch it since the E-1 uses hardware switches on the body too. Redundant kumbaga.

Lastly, Image Quality. Well I haven't tested it that much yet but my initial shots gave me very very sharp photos specially on the 70mm range and drops just a little bit on the 300mm range. I was even amazed to take very decent shots at 300mm, night time at Serendra, Fort, at 1/20. Of course this wouldn't be possible without the IS feature of the E-510. hehe. Oh, by the way, 3 ED lens elements are in this beast so in layman's term, mas ok.

As of the meantime, I'm still collecting sample pictures taken by this lens. Haven't brought this out yet for a shoot, but as soon as I do, I'll be posting pics here.

Well overall, I'd say it is a super-value lens in terms of image quality and build quality. But of course on the downside, just like any other super-zoom lenses, the focus is a bit slow (wish it had SWD). But everything has a compromise. But with the cons, I'm loving it. Sad to say, that I had to say goodbye to my 40-150mm kit lens which is one of my faves in the ZD lens line-up. Well, i guess that's about it, my initial impressions on the ZD 70-300mm.

Oh, I almost forgot, did I mention that this is just 17,+++.00 pesos? Now that's the best thing about it.

(I'll be posting pics soon.)

In the meantime, check out the specs and the graphs of this lens here at http://www.olympus-esystem.com/dea/products/lens/70-300_40-56/

Pinoy Photography - Philippines Online Photography Community

Initial Impressions - The Olympus ZD 70-300mm Lens
« on: January 24, 2008, 07:40:12 PM »


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