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Author Topic: Should I sell my kit lens? (Upgrading gears)  (Read 4439 times)

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Re: Should I sell my kit lens? (Upgrading gears)
« Reply #20 on: April 20, 2010, 12:49:51 PM »
Yes! I'll keep my 18-105 kit lens. Salamat sa mga payo niyo. :)
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Re: Should I sell my kit lens? (Upgrading gears)
« Reply #20 on: April 20, 2010, 12:49:51 PM »

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Re: Should I sell my kit lens? (Upgrading gears)
« Reply #21 on: April 20, 2010, 01:56:41 PM »
suggestion lang sir.. kung gusto mo tlga ung mga bokeh & candids iba tlga ung 70-200.. pero kung ganun bibilhin mo, don't sell your kit lens.. hirap ang walang wide.. nangyari sakin e.. hehehe.. ;D

canon ako pero friends kong nikon contented naman sa 18-105 nila.. baka lang kasi mabitin ka sa 24-70mm for group shots (or more especially landscapes kung magkachance ka).. just a thought.. :)
Sure na ako sir sa 70-200 2.8 pag-iipunan ko na. Tammy or Sigma lang. Bitin nga yung 24-70 for group shots. Last weekend, pati nga sa kit lens ko nabitin ako sa group shots. Nasa maliit na ktv room kasi kami ng tropa hehehe....gusto ko na ngayon 17-50 2.8 extra 1mm hehe.. OT: Sir, musta yung Velocity 8x mo? magiging pareho tayo ng lens line-up kung makapag-ipon ako :D.

You can sell it if you want.... 2nd ako sa pila if you decide to sell it ha.....

Tamron 2.8 is good 17-50 ata yun.... 24-70 may not be enough... but sigma 24-70 is good. i use to have one... maganda talaga sya...most of the photos found on the link below are taken using sigma 24-70.. most of which are raw from the cam except for cropping.....

I use to have the 18-105 kit lens with my d90... but since i already have the 17-55 and 70-200, i sold it... after few months... i bought another one... mabigat kasi yung mga 2.8 for walk around... usually naman hinde ko kailangan ng 2.8 pag pang out of town trips.....

pero binenta ko ulit kasi bumili ako ng 50mm 1.4.....

now i need to buy the kit lens again... mabigat talaga ang 2.8 pang walk around..... so next in line na ako sir pag benta mo...

perhaps based on my personal experience sir you can decide kung kailangan mo ba ibenta or not.....
Sir decide nako, hindi ko na muna ibebenta :) Ganda ng advice mo eh. Bili na lang ako ng Tamron 17-50 2.8 tapos ang sunod Tamron or Sigma 70-200 2.8. Sir, pano nyan, mawawalan ako ng focal length of 51mm to 69mm hehehe...Thanks :)

if i were you dont sell it para pag nagupgrade ka body mo may kitlens sya kasama pagbinenta :)
Perfect! Kasama sa future plans ko ang mag upgrade ng body. Gastos na naman to ehehe ;D Thanks orioner00

aw.. mura naman. hehe. swak na yan sa presyong kaibigan. can we be friends? kidding aside.

if you are in a tight budget then let go of your kit lens to add up some cash.. 24-70 2.8 is soo good in low light situation pero (they are right also) baka mabitin ka sa wide since you're not using an FF body naman. tammy 17-50 can be a replacement for that but i think you'll find a hard time to shoot candid since you only have 50mm max focal length. save up a bit for additional tammy 70-200 2.8

sigma lenses are also good though.
Sir memphis, sure we can be friends pero I'll keep na my kit lens hehe :D Kapag nakabili nako ng Tamron 17-50 kay Mang Ramon (huwag lang niya ako takutin ;D) I'll start saving up for the 70-200 2.8 hmmm tammy o sigma kaya ::) Thanks

5k for an 18-105 kit lens is too low. mega-lugi ka sa deal na ito. they sell for at least 12K.. ive rarely seen anybody let them go for 10K or less.

based on your needs and what youve been shooting, 2.8 or faster seems to solve your predicament. but note na not all the time do you need that 2.8. there are other ways of getting that additional light by proper use of indoor lights and also by using external speedlights..

Tama ka mega lugi ako kaya I'll keep it na lang. One of my challenges is using my kit lens indoors. Kaya dagdagan ko pa ang aral at practice just to get the most out of my kit lens. Thanks for the advice :)

Happiness depends on happenings; joy depends on Christ.

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Re: Should I sell my kit lens? (Upgrading gears)
« Reply #22 on: April 24, 2010, 01:51:42 AM »
I've been in photography for more than 4 months using a D90 kit lens and so far I could say that the types of photos I've taken are the following:
- Portraits (my wife or group portraits)
- Bokeh (kaka adik ;D)
- On weddings, most are candid shots. I love shooting people's reactions especially when guests get emotional or get excited. Yung bang kilig moment. Pati yung mga behind the scenes hehehe...buti na lang friend ko mga ikinasal kaya ok lang. So far naka dalwang wedding nako.
- Praise & worship team in our church. In low light most of the time and lots of singing and body movements.
- Gatherings. Again most of the time in a low light situations. (KTV rooms, restaurants).
- Kids playing and running around.

My experience with the kit lens, I think is not fast enough to produce sharp images. I've tried using SB600 and SB400 which I borrowed from a friend and my own RD2000.

Now, another friend wants to buy a D90 body and suggested that I sell my 18-105 VR to him since he knows that I'm thinking of upgrading my gears. Based from what I've learned from the masters of  PiPho, f2.8 is the way to go.

Now, here are my questions. Do I sell my kit lens to add funds for a new lens? Due to a tight budget, I can only afford third party gears. I'm looking at getting a Sigma 24-70 2.8 Macro (Tamron maybe) priced at about 24K and a Sunpak PZ42X priced at 7,200. Pagtapos 50 1.8 at 6K. Siguro after 3 months eh 70-200 2.8 priced not more than 40K for an unobtrusive photography. Tapos no more. Delete GAS list ;D

TIA :)

Sigma 24-70 is does not focus fast either...in my experience. not sure about the new release if there's one. my old Sigma 24-70 is a bit soft, it makes a good bokeh, just make sure you test the lens thoroughly for front/back focus problem...sigma 24-70 is prone to that.
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