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Author Topic: New Fuji camera - XT1?  (Read 89494 times)

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Re: New Fuji camera - XT1?
« Reply #320 on: February 27, 2016, 12:28:12 AM »
Hi guys! Just wanna know if anyone here had issues with Fuji XT1's leather skin peeling off? Because mine started to peel off and it's realy annoying. It seems to be the common issue of the XT1 from what I read online. I hope the service center does something about this as it is still under warranty. 
I don't have an X-t1 but the peeling off  of the skin is an issue with this model. Installing a half case may prevent it from occurring. After a long use it is worth your while to clean the body with a damped cloth before storing it. Peeling off is not exclusive with the X-T1, my Nikon bodies are affected with this one too. After I've learned my lesson, I see to it that I clean the body before storage. I never touch the camera with wet hands. Wash my hand and dry it after touching food or drinks.
You can have it change at FujiPhil service center. I have no idea about the coverage of their warranty with this particular problem.

I read this after I read your reply on my other post. Thank you sir for the info. Although I never really experienced this with my Canon bodies it can also probably happen. As for the Fuji XT1, I'm just really kind of disappointed that it would start to fall apart that easy knowing how really expensive of a camera it is. I guess I should have bought the Gariz leather since day 1 but it's so expensive too. Lol. And the problem was more prominent on the area which won't be covered by the leather case anyway. I really hope this is covered under Fuji warranty. I read online that in Sydney and Malaysia they replaced it for free.
Some users have replaced it and I have no idea about the charges. I think you have to push the issue that it should be free. The problem is after the replacement it can recur again!!! That will make you more disappointed. Accept the fact that each camera has an issue but it is good to know that there is a service center right at our own backyard. Fuji after sales services are excellent. Of course, I am not sure about the expenses. I guess you have to visit them at their new office in Ortigas. Anyway, Nikon users have as bad experience as the Fuji. It is not peeling off but the leather is detaching from the body. So we used double sided tape to put it in place or use a special glue. As a consolation, all camera bodies have their own issues....kahit na high end product daw!!!!

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Re: New Fuji camera - XT1?
« Reply #320 on: February 27, 2016, 12:28:12 AM »


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