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FS: Kodak Master View 8x10 Setup (Lens + Accesories) Whole KIT!

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Price:145000.00 PHP

FS: Kodak Master View 8x10 Setup
Fuji Fujinon 250 6.7
F.64 Backpack
3 Film Holders
Shutter Cable
DIY Dark Cloth
Fuji HRT green (more than 50 sheets - Kept and stored inside the freezer, but I can't really tell if the film is still working as it should - It's more of a FREEBIE)

PRICE: 145,000 / OBO
PAYMENT: Paypal send as gift / Western Union / Bank Transfer
SHIPPING: This might turn off buyers but i would try to make it affordable as possible. I'll try to put a few bucks on Shipping as well to ease the cost for buyer. Items will be shipped from Manila (Nov 10 onwards). You can PM me for arrangement.
LOCAL BUYERS: I can bring this camera to Fotofabrik Foto, QC for inspection. I'm also open for TRADE. Brand new Laptop/Audio Equipment/Seiko Turtle. :)

This whole kit cost me more than $3,000 to complete! Time to sell the beast to anyone who have more time to use this beautiful camera.
Camera is in VERY GOOD condition with few minor nicks. The Camera is more than 60 years old now... It's very rare to have this camera in this state. All functions works pretty well (Light tight bellows, Rigid, etc) .. The reason i have to part with this camera is i don't have enough time to shoot 8x10 anymore. I'll just focus on MF 6x17..

I'm all open for offers. For serious buyers ONLY!

I will try to break the kit if there's anyone interested.

Kodak Master View 8x10 + F64 Backpack (Free X-ray film)

3 Film Holders
Fujinon 250 6.7
This will also be posted on FB groups and eBay soon.

Thank you!

Contact: PM me or email at jefrey at onthecornermanila dot com

Item Age 63
Warranty None
Condition Very Good Condition
Serial Number None
Reason For Selling No time to Shoot
What's Included Lens, Accessories, Film, Bag
Contact Info Please email me. Jefrey@onthecornermanila.com
Views: 876
Ending Date: 01/31/2018 08:23 am
Listing Date: 11/02/2017 08:23 am
Time Left: 11 days 11 hours 12 minutes 13 seconds
Discussion Topic: View Topic
Keywords: Kodak Master View KMV Film Photography 8x10 


Member name: doowop
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Member since: May 21, 2006, 11:12:40 AM

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