Premium Seller
P2,000 posting at FS section only, no guest viewing

Premium Seller + 
P3,000 - Own Section, guest viewing and 500 PM box (increased from 250)

Pro Workshop
P2,500 / workshop announcement (under Pro Workshop section, no more separate section, deletion of workshop after date of workshop)

Pro Workshop +

P5,000 / month (posting at your own section with unlimited number of workshops) (increased PM box to 500)

Ads / Banners
(good for ad / promo campaigns)

Premium Ad Banner (forum & portal) no sharing
Size | Name | Rate | Location (click for sample placement)
234px x 30px (Footer) – P4,000 / month - Bottom
180px x 180px (Square) – P7,000 / month - Top Side
468px x 60px (Header) – P20,000 / month - Top Header
468px x 60px (Thread) - P13,000 / month - Inside Discussion Threads
680px x 120px (Skyscraper) – P12,500 / month - Mid Side

Targeted Banner Ads (inside article / reviews)
 P10,000 Article inset top
 P5,000 Bottom of article
P3,500 Targeted link ads mentioning of store in reviews / article

Late payment fee 10%


5% 3mos. advance payment
10% 6mos. above advance payment

All rates are VAT EXCLUSIVE
*Advertisements are open to all PHOTOGRAPHY related ads, we may allow non-photographic ads but with moderation*